Useful Solutions has been operating successfully for over 20 years, providing computer consulting to small and medium sized business all over Melbourne.

Some key factors that differentiate us are:

Technical Expertise

Our consultants excel in their technical abilities so we can effectively solve the computer problems in your business.

Business Experience

We understand business, so we will provide solutions to increase your company's efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

Just One Call

You only need to make one call and we will take care of everything. We are very responsive and we really care about your business.

Cost-effective Solutions

We will always determine the most cost-effective and suitable means of utilising the best proven technology.

IT Products at Cost

We provide everything that we acquire on your behalf at our cost - no profit margins are added!

Email us now at to find out how we can help you

“... have provided IT advice and assistance to us for over 20 years ..."
Paul Money, Paul Money Partners

“I have no hesitation in recommending them to any organisation"
Stephen Cook, Interpath Services
“…supplied our new network and all attached devices at their cost …”
 Peter Szanto, Trumble Szanto Lawyers

“…independent and knowlegable advice, prompt and attentive ...”
 Michael Sudarski, Priority Lending